Full face mask from generic goggles and mesh mask

One of the first worries for beginner airsoft players is eye protection and, in case of CQB, mouth protection. A full face mask might be a bit pricey, so a common setup is using goggles plus a half face mesh mask. For example, I got this pair:



Finding them in Amazon or eBay should be easy enough. Use generic queries such as “airsoft goggles” and “airsoft half face mesh mask”. You’ll likely spend $20 tops for the pair if you don’t go for branded products. Both items are comfortable when used by themselves, and together their shape fits nicely around the nose.

The problem with this combination is that you’ll have too many bands around your head exerting pressure. That becomes uncomfortable after a couple hours of playing. And I can attest to the frustration of trying to take the goggles off but realizing you can’t because you forgot to remove the mask first.

If you’re planning on buying a full face mask as a more comfortable alternative, think again. The previous combination can be easily combined into a one piece head-wear with zip ties and optionally staples and velcro. This video by Youtube channel Cleanshot presents a nice tutorial on how to do it.



Ziptie and velcro method

In my case, I used another method. First I did like in the video and took out the mesh mask’s band. Then I only used one very small zip tie going from the upper tip of the nose through the middle point of the goggles. With this it’s not necessary to cut a hole in the mesh.


Face Mask - Middle Zip tie


Afterwards I stapled some velcro on the band and cut a velcro strip to join band and mesh mask together (using the original velcro from the mask).


Face Mask - Velcro locations


I have had no problems with the band not being able to hold the weight of both items. In fact, I even added fans and a battery at one point. In the future I might make a tutorial about it, but first some technical problems have to be corrected.


Mask - Fan adapters

Mask - Fans in place

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