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A robust turret with automatic tracking

Youtuber & maker Randomn has created a sleek tracking sentry turret. A tripod base holds a rotating platform on which the firing mechanism and an ammo box with the electronics sit. The firing mechanism comes from a cheap mini AEG, and is mounted inside a 3D printed chassis. The gun rotates around two axes with

Machine gun inside a briefcase

Colin Furze is a popular and probably insane inventor who regularly builds things on a scale that not many makers are capable of. Every once in a while, his projects involve airsoft replicas in some way or another. In this project, he builds a machine gun hidden inside a briefcase. In doing so, he shows

An ideal airsoft toy gun for your DIY projects

In order to build a project such as a sentry gun, you’ll need a small gun you can strap to a pan and tilt mechanism. The problem with many sentry guns out there is that they use an unmodified gun and interact with its trigger. Ideally a modified electric gun would be better, since the