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Turning a night vision camera into night vision goggles

Great Scott, a popular electronics channel, shows how to disassemble a common camera with night vision and reuse its parts for making a night vision device. Cameras capable of recording at night do so by flooding the scene with IR light. Unlike with most cameras, the lens have no IR filter so the returning light

Defogger fans mounted on goggles

Some time ago I posted a handheld device that could defog goggles when placed on the forehead. While effective, it requires the player to have a free hand and may be awkward to use in the middle of the action. Therefore I designed a new version that can be attached to a very common model

Full face mask from generic goggles and mesh mask

One of the first worries for beginner airsoft players is eye protection and, in case of CQB, mouth protection. A full face mask might be a bit pricey, so a common setup is using goggles plus a half face mesh mask. For example, I got this pair:     Finding them in Amazon or eBay