Bomb prop for bomb defusal and domination games

Reddit user PyroSpud has recently published a very polished bomb prop for playing various game modes, consisting of a few 3D printed parts and some easily available electronics. And he has made both hardware design and software available for download on his GitHub.

The device is ready for bomb defusal games, in which the top buttons are used to activate or deactivate the bomb. It also has a ‘King of the Hill’ AKA Domination mode, in which each button corresponds to the respective team. The keypad is used to configure settings for each mode.

Its enclosure looks robust and has a professional look thanks to the selection of interactive components, such as the bright LED strips on either side. This, combined with the big characters in the LCD and a buzzer, make the current state of the game visible to players.

On the inside, an Arduino MEGA controls the system. This selection allowed the bomb prop to be quickly prototyped and opens the possibility to make many additions. However, I have doubts over whether this will present problems due to dangling cables getting disconnected or due to excessive power consumption. The battery, by the way, is a common 3S LiPo which, according to his tests, lasts around 3h (with a capacity of 2.2Ah).

Overall, this is a polished bomb prop with room for improvement. Fortunately, the author has already begun to prepare a new revision with a custom PCB, WiFi connectivity and surely many other features.


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