3D printed airsoft Claymore

This is the most recent version of my airsoft Claymore. I had done four others but they were messy, unreliable, and difficult to build. For this one, everything was designed beforehand to the last millimeter. I’ve tested it a few times during matches and it works reliably.

It has movement detection and throws BBs with enough force to be noticeable within 5 meters, while also beeping and flashing an LED. It can be autonomous or remotely operated.

Most of the design was done to optimize fabrication. It has a 3D printed body formed by many parts that do not require printing support. Three wooden bars hold the strength of the mousetrap springs so that the 3D prints don’t break due to tension.

I went for the “box” design rather than the typical curved design of the Claymores since this simplifies printing and optimizing the internal space.

The electronic board is mostly designed from scratch and uses the Arduino bootloader. The PCB itself must be ordered from a fabhouse, but all the components are easy to find in eBay.

It allows for these functionalities:

  • Local control with one button. Short presses to open and close, long presses to activate and deactivate.
  • Remote control with a small RF remote.
  • LED and buzzer indicators.
  • Excellent battery life. I applied every technique I could to save energy.


The full project is available for download here:

Download DIY Airsoft Claymore on GitHub



And here are two videos of it firing:



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