3D printed airsoft Claymore

This is the most recent version of my airsoft Claymore. I had done four others but they were messy, unreliable, and difficult to build. For this one, everything was designed beforehand to the last millimeter. I’ve tested it a few times during matches and it works reliably. It has movement detection and throws BBs with

A robust turret with automatic tracking

Youtuber & maker Randomn has created a sleek tracking sentry turret. A tripod base holds a rotating platform on which the firing mechanism and an ammo box with the electronics sit. The firing mechanism comes from a cheap mini AEG, and is mounted inside a 3D printed chassis. The gun rotates around two axes with

Turning a night vision camera into night vision goggles

Great Scott, a popular electronics channel, shows how to disassemble a common camera with night vision and reuse its parts for making a night vision device. Cameras capable of recording at night do so by flooding the scene with IR light. Unlike with most cameras, the lens have no IR filter so the returning light

Defogger fans mounted on goggles

Some time ago I posted a handheld device that could defog goggles when placed on the forehead. While effective, it requires the player to have a free hand and may be awkward to use in the middle of the action. Therefore I designed a new version that can be attached to a very common model

Spring-powered grenade

If you have seen airsoft Claymore mines, you’ll know that they usually have a double mousetrap mechanism inside. Basically, the energy that propels the BBs is stored as tension in the springs. This is a simple mechanism that doesn’t require gas canisters. Throwable grenades, on the other hand, use gas canisters as the propelling agent.

Machine gun inside a briefcase

Colin Furze is a popular and probably insane inventor who regularly builds things on a scale that not many makers are capable of. Every once in a while, his projects involve airsoft replicas in some way or another. In this project, he builds a machine gun hidden inside a briefcase. In doing so, he shows

Electronic grenades on a rubber casing

While researching for one of my old projects, the electronic grenade (Part 1 & Part 2), I experimented with a very different design. Instead of 3D printing the enclosure, I tried 3D printing a negative and molding the enclosure with liquid rubber. To be exact, it was a pair of liquids that hardened when combined.

Fully functional Overwatch gun

Youtuber Danger Doc has made one of the best looking custom replicas around, and shows in a video all the build process. The gun is made of 3D printed parts, electronics, a premade gearbox, and some other small components. Some parts of the build require a lathe and a very specific plastic curing toy oven,

Bomb prop for bomb defusal and domination games

Reddit user PyroSpud has recently published a very polished bomb prop for playing various game modes, consisting of a few 3D printed parts and some easily available electronics. And he has made both hardware design and software available for download on his GitHub. The device is ready for bomb defusal games, in which the top

3D printed shell launcher: a shower of pellets in your pocket

One particular fantasy of many makers in the airsoft scene is making a 3D printed, functional gun. This dream is difficult to realize due to the precision and mechanical properties required for the gearbox. The rest of the gun, however, is easy enough to do. You just need lots of design skills, print area, patience,